5 Best Flower Bloggers to Follow

Flower Bloggers

Whether you have recently taken on gardening as a hobby, you’re an enthusiastic, seasoned gardener or you’re just obsessive about beautiful flower arrangements, you’re most likely always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration.

With thousands of different variations of flowers and hedges discovered worldwide, every day is an opportunity to learn about a new type and new arrangement that can light up your flowerbeds and baskets or serve as the perfect centrepiece in the home.

Where do you currently find your best flower arrangement and gardening ideas? Pinterest? Instagram? Local gardening groups? Online forums?

For us, we always refer to a selection of our favourite flower bloggers for great creative ideas and information. Our top 5 flower bloggers of the moment are:


Founded by expert florist Rona Wheeldon in 2010, Flowerona is perhaps the most popular flower blog out there. It attracts over 58,000 page views every month and is jam-packed full of great floral inspiration.

It’s not just a resource for florists as it also offers information and ideas for anyone with any interest in flowers, discussing topics such as flower markets, flower workshops, gardening tips and tricks, “Houseplant of the month”, flower books, flower photography…and literally all things flowers! This is a must-follow blog for sure.

The Frustrated Gardener

Dan Cooper is “The Frustrated Gardener”. Through his online blog, he shares lots of stories, guides, tips, tricks and photography, all relating to his love of gardens, gardening and flowers.

The Frustrated Gardener is your complete flower resource when it comes to profiling public and private gardens, highlighting particular flower species a la the “Daily Flower Candy” feature, and reviewing flower events. His style of writing is captivating – almost poetic – and is reason enough to follow the blog.


FloralDaily is not owned by one specific blogger as it’s run by a host of flower bloggers and writers, bringing together a global community of horticulturists. Discover all the latest news, trends and innovations in relation to various floristry related topics including potted flowers, cut flowers, breeding, tree nursery, cultivation and much, much more.

Although based in the Netherlands, the articles relate to a global audience featuring events, news and updates relative to specific countries and regions.

Flirty Fleurs

The name of this blog should stand enough to intrigue interest! This site is all about flowers and the many wonderful, talented florists of today’s world. You’ll find art, insight and opinion – all about flowers!

They cover every single theme you can think of from wedding flower inspiration in their “Wedding Wednesday” features and flower event reviews, to centrepiece ideas and unique floral design “how-to” guides and more.

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens

Ann-Marie Powell is an award-winning garden designer, TV gardening presenter, journalist and author – how many more reasons do you need to follow her blog?

Get an inside view into award-winning garden designs, flower show insights, floristry and bulbing tips as well as answers to floristry questions, all written by one of the most recognised and celebrated gardening experts.

Checking in on these 5 flower bloggers will leave you brimming with new inspiration and ideas…and maybe even some garden envy. You have been warned!