• Growth Rate: 1 ft to 18 inches
  • Hardiness: Very hardy
  • Soil Conditions: Most soil types.
  • Leaves: Green leaves, brown in autumn
  • Spacing: 3 to the yard single row
    4 to the yard double row

Pricing & Size

  • Size: 18 inches
    Price: €100 (per 100)
  • Size: 2 ft
    Price: €140 (per 100)
  • Size: 3 ft
    Price: €200 (per 100)
  • Size: 4-5 ft
    Price: €400 (per 100)

Planting Beech Hedging

Beech hedging can be planted in most soil types, needs to be planted 3 hedges to the yard for a single row and 4 hedges to the yard for a double row.

How tall & fast will a Beech Hedge grow?

A beech hedge will typically grow from 1 foot to 18 inches in a year. The hedge can grow up to up to 10m in height.

Maintenance of a Beech Hedge

A beech hedge will thrive well and will help keep its leaves over the winter if pruned twice a year, once in early June and once in early August.

Our beech hedges are bare root and lifted to order, they are bagged to keep fresh and ready for replanting.