Gardening Tips & Advice

colourful garden

A well-kept garden is a prized asset for any home. However, gardening is something that comes more naturally to some people than others. If you’ve always been tempted to adopt green fingers but simply don’t know where to start, we’ve got some expert tips and advice for you. We’re keen to get you out in the garden potting, pruning and planting to your heart’s content and so have put together a quick guide of our top gardening tips and advice for beginners.

Be picky with planting spots

Where you choose to plant your shrubs requires careful consideration. Without adequate sun and water, your plants simply will not survive, never mind thrive. If you’re growing vegetables, ensure to position them in the suntrap in your garden. Some can also provide great privacy like the laurel hedge. If growing trees or shrubs that require frequent watering, position them near your hose so you can easily water as frequently as you need to.

Consider the condition of your soil

To thrive, plants require a healthy environment – that means your soil needs to be in peak condition. Most patches of soil in your garden won’t be automatically suitable for planting and will need some “feeding”. Add organic matter such as compost, shredded leaves or composted manure to your soil to break it up, enable a flow of air to the roots of your plants and strengthen its ability to hold water. Remember soil should simply crumble in your hands. If it’s hard, it needs compost, mulch and fresh soil to create an environment in which your plants can grow.

Keep creatures out

There’s nothing worse than watching your hard-work being ruined by unwanted visitors in your garden. Insects, birds, rodents and pets can all wreak havoc with your freshly planted bulbs if they don’t have adequate protection in place. Keep creatures at bay by setting down horticultural netting across your bulbs, poking larger holes in the netting as your plants begin to push through and flower. It’s inexpensive and can be purchased at any garden centre.

Choose easier to maintain plants to begin with

Plants that require heavy maintenance can be a tough task for beginner gardeners to tackle. Ease yourself into your newfound love of gardening by planting flowers and vegetables that are easy to grow and maintain. If you are a beginner gardener, trial growing vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil, rosemary and green beans. There are lots of easy to grow options when it comes to flowers but sunflowers, dahlias, roses, foxglove and clematis are some of your safest bets.

Be patient

Once your bulbs or seeds have been planted, it can be frustrating waiting for them to bloom. This frustration can prove challenging for beginner gardeners and lead to critical mistakes. Don’t allow your impatience or frustration lead you to overwater or over prune your plants as any potential progress will be quickly hampered. Be patient, you’ll be proud as punch once your shrubs do begin to flower.

Take heed of these tips and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a green-fingered god/goddess!