Planting New Hedgerow

Plant up to 200m of new hedgerow under the GLAS scheme to qualify for up to €5 per metre for 5 years.

Below are prices for eligible hedging under the scheme. We’ve also included details of the “Plant New Hedgerow” taken directly from the GLAS Specification (PDF)

Prices for GLAS Hedging

€50 per 100 plants
€80 per 100 plants
€150 per 100 plants

Where the Planting New Hedgerow action is taken on a farm boundary, the GLAS participant must ensure it is planted in such a manner that he/she has control of both sides of the new hedgerow and that he/she can maintain both sides of the new hedgerow. Note, where a fence has been erected under TAMS, the Planting of New Hedgerow Action cannot be planted inside of this fence.

Trees cannot be planted on Natura land.

Summary of the initiative

Max Payable Units in GLAS
Completion deadline
Payment Rate
Planting new hedgerow
31st March 2017

Requirements from GLAS Specification

  • Plant 6 plants per metre in a double row of whitethorn and/or blackthorn and/or holly by 31st March 2017.
  • The minimum linear length that must be planted is 10 metres and this must be in a single continuous length.
  • The maximum length for which GLAS funding is available is 200 metres per holding.
  • The location and length (metres) must be identified on the LPIS parcel(s) and marked on the map submitted. The new hedge must be a standalone hedge and not placed against an existing hedgerow or stone wall.
  • Plants must be purchased from registered producers or registered grower s – see below.
  • All newly planted hedges whether planted in a grass or tillage field must be fenced off and protected from livestock, from the time the hedge is planted. However, where the newly planted hedgerow bounds a private laneway, public road or watercourse, fencing is not required on the laneway/road or water body side as long as the hedge is not being damaged by livestock. The fence must be stockproof and fit for purpose.
  • Grass and other competing vegetation must be controlled.
  • Plants must be trimmed over the course of the contract to ensure a dense hedgerow develops.
  • Failed or dead plants must be replaced at the earliest possible planting opportunity.