How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

christmas trees

Christmas is fast approaching and now is most definitely the time to get a tree if you haven’t already got one. Buying a tree is very exciting but, like most Christmas shopping, it can also be slightly stressful.

Kids love walking around and imagining how they’re going to decorate it, whilst parents look more at the price tag and the practicality of getting it home.

Sound familiar? If so, we’re about to throw you a lifeline by telling you what to look out for when it comes to choosing the perfect tree for your home this Christmas;

Know what size you want

The first step in choosing your perfect tree will be knowing what size you need. Trees come in all shapes and dimensions and what may look incredible in a shop might be too small, or even worse, too big for your house.

Measure the space that you’ve got available to get an idea of the maximum size you can buy and write the figures down on a piece of paper to take to the shop with you.

Top tip; take a measuring tape with you when shopping to be 100% sure that you’re making a good purchase.

Know where you’re going to put it

Knowing exactly where you’re going to put the tree will help you decide which one will look the best in your space.

And, in addition to that, you don’t want to end up with branches that block out the TV from your favourite spot on the sofa so you have to think about the length and placements of the branches too.

Get a good stand

Every tree needs a stand and the bigger a tree is, the larger the stand should be. If you have pets or kids, it’s a good idea to buy one that’s particularly sturdy, as you don’t want to have any nasty accidents that are caused by a toppled tree.

Know what type of tree to buy

There are lots of different kinds of trees to choose from and, if you’re not sure what you want, you may get overwhelmed by the options available and buy the wrong one on impulse.

It’s not necessary to become an expert on the different species of trees, but you should be aware of the specific type you need in terms of branch length and needle width etc.

Inspect the tree before handing over money

Christmas trees aren’t cheap and those that are may not be worth the money. The easiest way to assess the quality of a Christmas tree is to shake it. Yes, shake it!

If a few needles fall off, the tree is most likely in good condition but, if a lot of needles fall off, choose another one as that one won’t get you through the festive season.

Finding your picture perfect tree will be a whole lot easier if you follow our five top tips above. So forth and enjoy the festiveness!