• Growth Rate: 12 inches – 24 inches
  • Hardiness: Very hardy
  • Light Needs: Tolerates shade
  • Soil Conditions: Most soil types
  • Spacing: 3 to the yard

Pricing & Size

  • Size: 1 – 2 ft
    Price: €180 (per 100)
  • Size: 2 – 3ft
    Price: €250 (per 100)

Planting Laurel Hedging

Laurel hedges should be planted 3 to the yard, laurel hedges can be planted in most soil conditions. The hedge can tolerate shade, and can also be grown in coastal areas which is popular for coastal towns and villages in Ireland

How tall & fast will a Laurel Hedge grow?

A typical laurel hedge will grow 12-24 inches per year. The hedge can be grown up to 5m in height with regular maintenance and pruning.

Maintenance of a Laurel Hedge

Laurel hedging requires little maintenance. One of the most important factors to a healthy hedge is weed control. Weeds at the bottom of your hedge can stop your laurel hedge from growing down to the ground.  Laurel hedging can be trimmed in late spring or early summer as the hedge will produce new shoots this time of year.

Our laurel hedges are bare root and lifted to order, they are bagged to keep fresh and ready for replanting.