• Growth Rate: 12 inches – 18 inches
  • Hardiness: Very hardy
  • Soil Conditions: Most soil types
  • Spacing: 3 to a yard

Pricing & Size

  • Size: 18 inches – 24 inches
    Price: €120 (per 100)

Planting Lawson Cypress hedging

This hedge can be planted in most soil types and is very hardy, for a single row it should be plated 3 to a yard.

How tall & fast will Lawson Cypress hedge grow?

This hedging is one of the fastest growing hedges available growing up to 18 inches in a year. This hedge has the capability to grow up to 40m in height on its own but will not do so as part of a row of hedges.

Maintenance of Lawson Cypress hedge?

This hedge should be pruned between April and the end of August. It requires regular maintenance to ensure it does not become overgrown

All our hedging is bare root and lifted to order, they are bagged to keep fresh and ready for replanting.